Student Support FAQ

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  • Am I eligible to receive emergency financial support?

    All full-time, degree-seeking students are eligible to apply for emergency financial support, as well as part-time degree-seeking undergraduate students. Supported students must demonstrate financial need, as determined by the Office of Financial Aid; and students will have exhausted alternative funding options, such as student aid (e.g. unclaimed loans or work study) prior to receiving emergency support.

  • What kinds of expenses are included?

    The Spiders Helping Spiders initiative is designed to assist students with financial challenges not included in the student’s Cost of Attendance. Typical requests include support for a winter coat, travel home for a family emergency, or assistance for students who remain on campus during the winter break. Through the Career Opportunity fund, the University may be able to assist with interview clothing, graduate school application fees, or travel to a job interview. The University may also be able to assist with computer needs. Students are encouraged to apply for assistance or contact the College Dean to see how the University may assist.

  • Can I apply for any amount of Emergency Financial Support?

    Students are encouraged to explain their situation fully and the cost of the challenge they are facing. However, student support typically will not exceed $250 within a single academic year.

  • If my school or the sponsoring office denies my request for funds to attend a conference, can I apply for Emergency Financial Support?

    No. Supplemental support for conference participation is only available from the student’s school (academic conferences), the Center for Student Involvement (in the case of student organization travel) or Recreation and Wellness (in the case of sport club travel).

  • Can I apply for Emergency Financial Support to pay my tuition bill?

    Financial aid cannot exceed the University’s Cost of Attendance. In practice, that means that students cannot be provided emergency funds for tuition, books and course supplies, housing, or food during the semester. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for further assistance.