Richmond's Promise to Virginia

Richmond's Promise to Virginia provides grant-based financial aid equal to full time tuition, housing, and the Spider Unlimited meal plan for Virginia residents who:

  • are admitted and enrolled at Richmond as first-time, first-year students for Fall 2014 or later;
  • have a total annual parental income* of $60,000 or less earned in the tax year initially under review for that particular academic year’s aid application:
    • includes taxable and untaxed income,
    • includes income of parent(s) and partner (if applicable), and
    • for students whose parents are divorced or separated, includes income of custodial parent, custodial parent's spouse or partner (if applicable), and noncustodial parent;
  • qualify for need-based financial aid based on Richmond's need analysis formula;
  • are U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents; and
  • are domiciliary residents of Virginia. (Both the student and the student's parent must be domiciliary residents of Virginia; for students whose parents are divorced or separated, the custodial parent must be a domiciliary resident of Virginia.)

Please note that to remain eligible for this program in future years, students must reapply for aid each year and continue to meet the eligibility requirements as outlined above.

Individuals who qualify for federal student aid still have the option to accept Federal Direct Loans to assist with other educational expenses up to the Cost of Attendance

*Students who are deemed Independent through the aid application process must have a total annual income for the student (and spouse or partner, if applicable) of $60,000 or less.