UR Study Abroad During Fall or Spring Term

The same types of assistance for which you may be considered during enrollment at Richmond are also available to you for a UR approved study abroad program during the fall and/or spring terms.

Recipients of merit scholarships from Richmond may use their merit scholarships for a study abroad program. Athletic scholarships are not available for study abroad programs, unless authorized by the Director of Athletics. Financial assistance may be used for no more than two semesters abroad.

The application process varies by the type of aid for which you are applying:

Need-based Financial Aid and Educational Loans

The application process for need-based aid and for educational loans is the same for a study abroad program as it is for enrollment at Richmond. The deadline for need-based aid for the following academic year is May 15.

The following applications are required for the 2024-25 academic year.

We encourage students to complete our financial aid application process as outlined above by the stated deadlines in order to be considered for all forms of financial aid available at the University of Richmond. However, students who wish to apply only for federal financial aid must only complete the FAFSA.

Study Abroad Scholarships

Additional study abroad scholarships are available through the departments of: