Estimate What I Owe

Full Year Calculation for Fall 2021 & Spring 2022


Once you have received your aid offer from our office, you can use the below tool to estimate what you may owe after financial aid has been applied. Note that this tool is an estimate and your bill may vary due to things such as loan fees, parking passes and parking tickets, etc.

If you are Studying Abroad, this calculator will likely not be accurate due to different costs each semester.

Full Year Tuition
Select your meal plan from the list

Meal plan participation is required as part of the residence hall housing agreement. For more information on meal plan options, visit the Dining Services and Controller websites. 

Select your housing from the list

The University of Richmond has numerous housing options.  For more information on housing costs and how to sign up for housing, visit the Residence Life and Housing website.

Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

The University of Richmond requires undergraduate students to purchase the SHIP while enrolled at the University to ensure that an unexpected illness or accident does not hinder student wellness or academic success. Students who already have health insurance may waive out of purchasing the SHIP, if they meet certain requirements. See the Domestic Student or International Student** pages for specific information.

Enter your financial aid and/or your scholarship aid

Include the scholarships, grants, and student loans listed in your award, as well as any outside scholarships you know about at this time. Do not include anticipated work study earnings.

Your estimated balance due*:

*Negative amounts signify a credit balance which could result in a refund.

Please note that this tool is an estimate and your bill may vary. Actual invoices are sent by Student Accounts. Also, deposits are typically applied to the fall bill only, so fall and spring balances may not be equal.

To help pay your estimated balance due, the University of Richmond offers the installment plan, Parent PLUS loans and other sources of aid.

**International students: A taxation charge may be added to your account. The amount of this taxation charge is determined based on the qualified and unqualified expenses as defined by the United States’ Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Qualified expenses are deemed necessary or required expenses, i.e. tuition and health insurance. Any scholarship or aid that goes above tuition and health insurance is considered non-qualified and is taxed at 14%. That tax is then added to your student account and you will be billed for it. This process is done each semester.