Student Support Form

Sometimes students encounter a life-changing moment but don't have the resources to meet these unexpected needs. This may be a personal or family emergency, an unforeseen expense, or a career opportunity that lies just beyond the student's means. There are many different programs to assist students, from computing support to housing on campus for students who cannot go home during breaks.

Through support from the University and its generous donors, the Spiders Helping Spiders initiative helps students with unanticipated expenses and financial emergencies, including access to the University's Student Emergency Fund. All full-time, degree-seeking students are eligible to apply for emergency financial support, as well as part-time degree-seeking undergraduate students. Supported students must demonstrate financial need, as determined by the Office of Financial Aid. Students are encouraged to fully describe the emergency they are facing, but financial support through the Student Emergency Fund typically will not exceed $250 within a single academic year.

If you need to request student support, please complete one of the following forms, and you will be contacted by your College Dean or the office best able to assist you.

Undergraduate Students

Students in the Law School, Graduate Business or SPCS graduate programs