Law Cost of Attendance


Direct Costs
Tuition $53,440
Total Direct Costs $53,440
Indirect Costs
Housing and food $16,290
Books and supplies $1,200
Personal expenses $1,980
Direct Loan fees, if applicable $1,630
Transportation $3,400
Total Indirect Costs $24,500
Total Cost of Attendance $77,940

The law Cost of Attendance (COA) is for law students living off campus. The tuition amount in the COA is based on the actual cost of tuition. The COA for law students living on campus is $77,750 (based on an average of the cost of all available rooms on campus and the Spider Unlimited meal plan). The COA for law students living with their parents is $67,590. For third year law students, the cost of attendance amount should be increased by $1,190 for bar related fees. While this allowance is included for the full year, it is intended to assist with bar related fees typically incurred in the spring term.